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Let me start from the beginning. Me, Amir Ali  and Abeer are a group and we use to participate in different programming competitions. So as usual we also participated in this event together.
It was 23rd of August 2008. In the morning we started out at 10:00 but had very little idea where this university is located … We took a rickshaw and tried to find this university … Our journey was thrilling … we went in wrong directions and then asked many people to help show us the right path … we were stucked there that for a moment I think that we wont be able to reach or it will be of no use for us to participate then after getting so late … but we never lose hope … after 2 hrs of struggle we reached there …
A guy out there shocked us when he said that its started 1.5 hrs back … we moved more fast and when we reached inside the university it was so nice to see all the people from our university sitting on benches and waiting for the competition to start …
Just then the competition start and we started on the most fruitful programming competition of our life … we 3 were the strongest team …  after 1 hrs and 50 minutes we were able to complete 3 questions out of 5 … then we were presented the score board which declared us on the top position at that moment …  Oh my God …what a feeling …we were the most happiest persons on the earth … but then we couldn’t do more questions as we didn’t know some algorithms … and one of the team made it to the top leaving us at 2nd position .
After the competition ended … at night there was a ceremony arranged by Paf kietiens to award the winning teams … after a round of dry speeches …  it was time to announce winners of Programming competition … The group at the 1st position got 60,000 Rs cash along with some scholarship … We were at the second position … we received cash prize of Rs. 30,000 ( 10 k for each 😛 ) … and some scholarship too … with lots of congrats from people around and our dear Ali Bhai ( C.E.O.  nuvica Pakistan ) who was with us all that day … We then had a khapa … and left at around 11 …
The biggest happiness we got is that now in our university many people have known us … and we have high esteem in faculty and students :).
Amir Ali himself have blogged about this … and you can view a detailed version of this story there 😛


I am the king !

I am the king !

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